Saturday, 6 February 2016

A Long Time since an update

Work has been continuing, although slowly, as I've had other projects on the go. In the past year We've added over two hundred trees, about one hundred fifty hand painted animals, as well as several new buildings.
The lack of pics came from having no camera, all that I had having died. As I've always been disappointed with the results of digicams I was reluctant to buy another, but bit the bullet with a Sony.

This is a Metcalfe cardstock kit in Westport. Under the tarp is an old pair of drivers.

This is the snow shed and the building that is Soperton. Also visible are some deer.

Some more animals, this time goats in a pen.

A longer view with Lyn Falls. The fishermen are Woodland Scenics. A set of six that are dotted around.
A closer shot of the man and boy.

More of Lyn Falls.

Some more fishermen, this time up by Westport. This camp scene has tents and ground sheets of teabag, another WS figure "Bare Hunter" on the hollow log with a couple of deer instead of the bear it came with.

Here the bridge over the Grand Trunk lines and the beginnings of the trestle.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

I have a problem with women

Why does nobody sound surprised? The main problem is the expense. Again, no one sounds surprised. I hand paint my people, for the most part, and there is very little in the way of women with appropriately long skirts for 1906. Prieser makes some sets that are more expensive than WS, and the best for my purpose only has 2.

So, on a different project/experiment, I'd painted some previously enjoyed teabags (after I'd used the previously enjoyed tea as ploughed fields) a tarpaulin green.

The campsite is still needing the tent poles, guy ropes and all the other details.

I have also been working on a building for Brockville that is just getting the interior details.

The upstairs I originally envisioned as an office, which put me back to the problem of the short skirts. "Lightbulb". The green tarps! Meet my painted ladies.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Its not junk anymore

I found this in the junk pile

It came from an old building my buddy Steve found somewhere, which we cannibalized. I had to trim the bottom 3/4" off to get it to this stage.

I think this will work right well here as either a recent addition as the department grown, or it could be the old stables.


 After cleaning it up I found this roof vent that will fill the hole in the roof. The gaping hole in the front wall I filled with some board & batten styrene, the back I left. The doors came from Tichy Trains door and window sampler pack. I have lots of windows left but very few doors.

All in all it was a pleasant afternoon. Now to weather it.


Sunday, 21 September 2014

All the way round

As I mentioned I've got all the way round. The hatch may end up as a duck under though, as there is only a very small length of rail between the edge and the turnout. I have a bit of an issue with the right hand turnouts only in Brockville even though they are the same throughout the layout.The leading drivers on 66 & 67 strike the frog and jump. 64 & 65 pass through just fine though. So as Foley's mountain is going to seperate Brockville from Westport I got a peco long radius turnout with an under mount switch motor.

The long view.

I've also been working up from Lyn and have the fill completed.

This is a house that Steve brought over and it never seemed to fit anywhere, until we cut it in half and it's the front of King st.

This I scored at work. It was hanging up during operation and so was unreliable. Boss says throw it out I says Yes Boss. i did have it polished up it's a little tarnished right now, and I will have to make a mount for it as there is a stub of pipe protruding from the back.

I hope to finish the rock cut this week.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Progress of a sort.

The bridging section across the door is built. I've put in a hook and eye to hold it vertically in the open position, and now I'm going to remove the light switches and move them to the other side of the wall as they're inconveniently positioned. This will have Foley's Mountain in Westport, behind which will be the last turnout for the wye at Brockville. this is going to have to be a large radius as I don't want any trouble here.

The corner where Lyn is has been coming along. The business in the back is Lyn Valley Mining Co (a failed business). The track has been torn out leaving only the ties, the abandoned 0-4-0 loco will be heavily weathered, and the gates have yet to be built. Lyn Falls has had the third pour. I recently bought 100 trees from Hong Kong, and my friend found another 60 -70 in a yard sale. They disappeared rapidly. In the third pic you can just make out the wife putting the laundry out on the line behind the house.

This is an AHM fire station kit for Brockville.
Thats all for now.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

A few more pics

Progress seems to have slowed down somewhat, but it is still there.  The Snoopy shaped spot is where Lyn Falls will be going, the "dog tag" is a rock in mid stream. Where the Tardis is is where I live just through the S bend on the Red Rd.

I've been doing some ballasting in Brockville

The DC track is wired now, and I've built a tray for the power pack and odd tools. The trestle is just temporary untill I get the final one built, but for now I can get all the way round.

Roll call. From left to right 65, 67, 64, and 66

This is the latest, 64

These next two are just a photo op. I'm glad to see the farmers put his shirt on.

This last one is Steve's 4-8-2 mountaineer on the test track.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

It's exciting stuff

We've managed to get all the way round from Westport to Brockville, yay.
I also just over the weekend received the last lokie from a very pleasant Ebay seller Boston4eyi. It's another Baldwin like 65 and runs like a top. This one will be numbered 64.
Curiously the first two engines (the richmonds 66 & 67) once round to Brockville derail at the right hand turnouts even though I've checked them six ways from Sunday for level. The problem seems to be that the front pilots have two pivot points and as such do nothing to assist rounding a corner. The drivers are located about halfway down the length and the weight of the tender (and eventually a train) hold it back, so it wants to go straight and the lead drivers strike the frog and pop off. I think I can fix this by removing the rear pivot point.

Once I've bought my daughter a new SD card for her camera I'll have some more pics and maybe even a movie.