Monday, 14 May 2012

Bark rocks

I saw on ebay someone selling rocks made from bark, so I found some pieces in the woodshed and made my own.

The two pieces on the left are oak, while the longer piece is maple. I tried ash but found it too flaky. First I brushed the loose dirt off with a toothbrush.

Then I sprayed them with a grey primer.

Next I dry brushed with raw sienna.

Then a dark brown washcoat.

Lastly a black dry brushing.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I had to head down east for a bit, but now we're back and at it. This is the beginning of Forfar with Walthers Merchants Row 1, City Classics section house, IHC Luigi's restaurant, and Model Power Chester Stn.  Behind MR I'm going to put a back alley and the backs of some houses.

I also put fascia around the peninsula and moved the connection for the controller to the end of the peninsula. Now I'll be able to reach everywhere.

I've started a small lake just outside of Westport using polyester resin.