Thursday, 5 December 2013

Odds and Ends

With the Brockville section coming along I thought I'd let you know a bit more about it. This section took three years to build. The original plan was to utilize the Grand Trunk line as there was already a spur line running up to Lyn pit. GTR said no so the building of two trestles, bridge etc. Ironically when the line opened in 1885, as all this work wasn't complete, they began by using this same line. Three years later the line was fully open. I hope it doesn't take me as long as we are hoping to host an open house in Sept.

I read recently (although the author had service beginning in 1888) that ten years later the Company was in such dire financial straits that passengers were being carried in box cars with a bench running the length of the car. The passenger cars having been sold off. I hope they put a stove in.

By our era there must have been an infusion of cash as they bought two brand new loco's as well running passenger cars again.

I've begun working on the Brockville station building and will have some pics soon. Under the bridge, where the GTR lines are, one will be a programming track and the other will be wired for DC as a test track. Then a friend suggested making the whole layout DC capable. So here is a wiring diagram to do that. The wye will need to be isolated to protect the reversing module (and the wye in Westport will need to be retrofit).

Even though the plan says DPST I will use all DPDT's as I have them plus they will look neater if they are all the same. As well they will give an added layer of off to prevent accidentally switching on.

I met Railway Bob this summer at the Ottawa Model Rail Expo, and got to thank him for doing a lot of my research for me. I went to a few other shows as well, the largest in Syracuse NY at the NY state fairgrounds and will post some pics from them soon.

Cheers for now.