Friday, 19 April 2013

A Bit More Delta

With Forfar looking a lot better it was time to get round the corner.

Most of the houses in Delta are brick, so I downloaded some brick sheets from to build some card houses. The card had been a ginger ale carton and needed bracing and for that I cut down some tongue depressors. The holes for the doors and windows were cut out with a sharp #11 blade. The doors and windows are from Tichy Train Group. The house with the yellow windows has a temporary roof from an old piece of Plasticville. The other roof is shingle from Tichy. The clapboard siding on the addition is 3/16 strips of white card and stuck on with double sided carpet tape.

 The grey road is sanded grout and is the same material that we used in Forfar. After it is sprinkled on it is wetted down with wet water. I've found that a few thin layers gives a better finish once it's been painted.

Well. that's it for now. Next I'll be on the other side of the mill, as the mill is in the center of the village.