Saturday, 1 February 2014

A few more pics

Progress seems to have slowed down somewhat, but it is still there.  The Snoopy shaped spot is where Lyn Falls will be going, the "dog tag" is a rock in mid stream. Where the Tardis is is where I live just through the S bend on the Red Rd.

I've been doing some ballasting in Brockville

The DC track is wired now, and I've built a tray for the power pack and odd tools. The trestle is just temporary untill I get the final one built, but for now I can get all the way round.

Roll call. From left to right 65, 67, 64, and 66

This is the latest, 64

These next two are just a photo op. I'm glad to see the farmers put his shirt on.

This last one is Steve's 4-8-2 mountaineer on the test track.