Monday, 11 November 2013

You don't know what you don't know

We have a student at work putting in his steam time, and I was showing him the blog pics and realised how much is missing.

Ploughing the field in Westport. The plough and man still need painting. Woodland Scenics kit. I was at a show in Massena NY the other week and I saw one field that was corrugated card with dirt cover. Our earth is previously enjoyed tea bags (the bag itself makes great tarpaulins).

You have probably noticed there is a dearth of signage. Very white I know, nor is it actually glued on yet as I'm still undecided on whether I like this or no. The flat is left over parts from the Delta mill kit. with some Tichy windows.

A couple of shots of Forfar Dairies. I have signs made up for this too. The work printer is black and white and my printer doesn't speak Linux, hence the current lack. the windmill is another WS kit, and I made the saw from brass wire and card and sawbuck behind the boiler room. The log is Christmas tree.

It's hard to see in the pic but Luigi's restaurant has a veggie garden by the kitchen door, picket fence around the Doctors house with his car in the road. In the center pic is Steve's sense of humour. The sign by the hitching rail says 'Parking limit one hour'

Delta has come along too, with roads and telephone poles.

Here is the beginning of a snow shed around where Soperton will be with bark rocks.

And finally, Athens as it stands now.


Sunday, 10 November 2013

A New Loco

I just received a new lokie, which has been given #65. I need one more to complete the roster. Like the others it's a Spectrum. The big difference from the other two is the shape of the steam dome. This model comes with two different domes, so the first job will be to disassemble it and install the right one. It does run very smoothly, and those finicky front pilots stay on the tracks, Yay.

Here it is crossing the bridge into Athens by Lake Eloida.

This is as far as we have power, to the edge of the fill. The bridge is going to be painted and weathered before it gets finally placed.

This ones a better pic of the fill than the loco.  The fill has a foam core and the stone is added in layers to make sure it all glues down. the stone is from the 30kg bag of limestone screenings ($7.00) that I've not even used half of for the ballast. This is what remains after the ballast is sieved out.

This is the fill in 1951 covered in grass now, these days you could easily miss it for the trees, although the dog knows the way.

That pic is from Canada Science & Technology Museum.  Endless hours of pics.