Saturday, 6 February 2016

A Long Time since an update

Work has been continuing, although slowly, as I've had other projects on the go. In the past year We've added over two hundred trees, about one hundred fifty hand painted animals, as well as several new buildings.
The lack of pics came from having no camera, all that I had having died. As I've always been disappointed with the results of digicams I was reluctant to buy another, but bit the bullet with a Sony.

This is a Metcalfe cardstock kit in Westport. Under the tarp is an old pair of drivers.

This is the snow shed and the building that is Soperton. Also visible are some deer.

Some more animals, this time goats in a pen.

A longer view with Lyn Falls. The fishermen are Woodland Scenics. A set of six that are dotted around.
A closer shot of the man and boy.

More of Lyn Falls.

Some more fishermen, this time up by Westport. This camp scene has tents and ground sheets of teabag, another WS figure "Bare Hunter" on the hollow log with a couple of deer instead of the bear it came with.

Here the bridge over the Grand Trunk lines and the beginnings of the trestle.