Monday, 27 February 2012

Some progress

This is a little swamp scene as we leave Westport.

This past weekend we built the peninsula. The benchwork was cobbled together from old modules overlaid by a sheet of 3/8th ply. That was chippy stuff. Half the time I couldn't see my line to cut as it had chipped off.
This was all overlaid with acoustic ceiling tile. The end is an 18"r track and so I cut a 21"r on the ply. This allows 22" on either side between where Athens will be and the tail of the wye at Westport.

The divider is 2" foam board. I also changed the lighting. There is now a 4 bank flourescent above the peninsula.

This is looking down the length at the village of Forfar. So far there is just the one building which will become Forfar Dairies. They make good cheese. Back in the day they were located about a mile and a half north of the village. This building burned down and they rebuilt at the current location in the village.

I have seven building kits to build to get caught up. Model Power Chester Station  and two more of the City Classics section houses, I've ordered the Merchants Row from Walthers and a few others.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Three coal cars

Here's the beginning of a coal car. First I dug out some old truck sets and added a card base.

Then I used coffee stirrers cut to size to plank over and as sides.

Here's the three ready for finishing.