Monday, 11 March 2013

Cheap, Cheap

Here's a money saving tip. All the logs on this flatcar are trimmed off an old Christmas tree. This past Christmas's tree is still buried under the snow losing it's needles, but it will get the same treatment. They can also be used for longer logs. Maybe I'll try to make a log cabin one day.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Forfar Dairies Kitbash

Lately I've been working on Forfar Dairies, which at the time was a mile and a half north of the village. That building was destroyed in a fire and rebuilt in the village.

I started with a Bachmann lighted freight station. The chimney stack is just a cardboard tube covered with printed brick from The boiler room is a part of another free download of a false front store, the porch roof is part of the same store. The roof vents are pen tip protectors from chart recorders (the old Bailey panels). I then added Tichy Trains milk station, which is 48 scale inches above track level. This meant scratchbuilding a lower platform and ramp. The building cupola is actually a mistake from Delta mill. That building came with a separate powerhouse (with internal detail, but no windows to see it), and the cupola had two different gable ends. I accidently used the wrong pitch. It seems to go quite well here though. Being a boiler man by trade I realized that either they were burning natural gas or had a cold furnace, so I made a little sawbuck and saw with all sorts of odd scraps of wood, twigs, previously enjoyed Xmas tree, shavings and off cuts.