Friday, 27 June 2014

Progress of a sort.

The bridging section across the door is built. I've put in a hook and eye to hold it vertically in the open position, and now I'm going to remove the light switches and move them to the other side of the wall as they're inconveniently positioned. This will have Foley's Mountain in Westport, behind which will be the last turnout for the wye at Brockville. this is going to have to be a large radius as I don't want any trouble here.

The corner where Lyn is has been coming along. The business in the back is Lyn Valley Mining Co (a failed business). The track has been torn out leaving only the ties, the abandoned 0-4-0 loco will be heavily weathered, and the gates have yet to be built. Lyn Falls has had the third pour. I recently bought 100 trees from Hong Kong, and my friend found another 60 -70 in a yard sale. They disappeared rapidly. In the third pic you can just make out the wife putting the laundry out on the line behind the house.

This is an AHM fire station kit for Brockville.
Thats all for now.