Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Putting track to baseboard

I'm starting with the Westport module and here is the track started. I have an obvious scary spot at the end of the wye. It's far too close to the edge for comfort, but some blue foam will take care of that in a little while. Woodland Scenics will hate me, but most of the scenery is home made. Several different colours of dyed sawdust, ballast is limestone screenings, that's the 30kg sack you can see on the floor.

Here you can see the ballast is finished and some of the greenery is being laid down.

Her's a closer look at some of the buildings beyond the station. This is an IHC water tower kit with handcar shed.

This little shed is made from boxboard with Tichy group windows and doors, siding from CGTextures and the corrugated tin roof is pie plate wrinkled to shape over a left over piece of another kit.

With the station to our right I've started on a hill leaving town. Blue foam with newsprint held in place with masking tape.

Here it's been covered with paper towel and plaster of paris, given the same brown base colour and some green sawdust sprinkled over while the paint was still wet.