Tuesday, 7 January 2014

It's exciting stuff

We've managed to get all the way round from Westport to Brockville, yay.
I also just over the weekend received the last lokie from a very pleasant Ebay seller Boston4eyi. It's another Baldwin like 65 and runs like a top. This one will be numbered 64.
Curiously the first two engines (the richmonds 66 & 67) once round to Brockville derail at the right hand turnouts even though I've checked them six ways from Sunday for level. The problem seems to be that the front pilots have two pivot points and as such do nothing to assist rounding a corner. The drivers are located about halfway down the length and the weight of the tender (and eventually a train) hold it back, so it wants to go straight and the lead drivers strike the frog and pop off. I think I can fix this by removing the rear pivot point.

Once I've bought my daughter a new SD card for her camera I'll have some more pics and maybe even a movie.


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