Sunday, 21 September 2014

All the way round

As I mentioned I've got all the way round. The hatch may end up as a duck under though, as there is only a very small length of rail between the edge and the turnout. I have a bit of an issue with the right hand turnouts only in Brockville even though they are the same throughout the layout.The leading drivers on 66 & 67 strike the frog and jump. 64 & 65 pass through just fine though. So as Foley's mountain is going to seperate Brockville from Westport I got a peco long radius turnout with an under mount switch motor.

The long view.

I've also been working up from Lyn and have the fill completed.

This is a house that Steve brought over and it never seemed to fit anywhere, until we cut it in half and it's the front of King st.

This I scored at work. It was hanging up during operation and so was unreliable. Boss says throw it out I says Yes Boss. i did have it polished up it's a little tarnished right now, and I will have to make a mount for it as there is a stub of pipe protruding from the back.

I hope to finish the rock cut this week.

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