Friday, 14 December 2012

A little ditty

This past summer I was in Westport at the Rideau Lakes Museum and I came across this complaint to the B&W from a farmer, J Knowles, unfortunateky undated.

My razorback (pig) strolled down your track
A week ago today.
Your 29 came down the line
And snuffed his life away.
You can't blame me
The hog, you see, slipped
Through your cattle gate.
So, kindly pen a cheque for ten
The debt to liquidate.

The reply was,

Our 29 (train) came down the line
And killed your hog we know.
Bur razorbacks on railroad tracks
Must surely meet with woe.
Therefore, my friend, we cannot send
The cheque for which you pine.
So, plant the dead, place oe'r his head
Here lies a foolish swine.

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