Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A late update

A lot has happened in Westport lately. It was before Christmas that the module got mounted on the wall and the next piece added on and is now largely scenicked.

Here I'm beginnining the groundwork. This get's built up with old papers and plaster of paris. In the foreground you can see I've been using industrial paper towel soaked in dilute wood glue. I will admit that it isn't quite as blinding as POP until I can get ground cover down, but to place trees it needs a little more strength.

To the right is a farmhouse that is a City Classics section house kit. As it is going to be in the foreground I am going to give it a full interior. Once all the manhandling is done then I will add the steps.

As you can see I like the brown paper method. Here it is on the wye.

Now I'm starting on the ground cover around the wye

This will be a coaling station.

That's all the pics for now.

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